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标题: [分享] 面试后需要等吗? [打印本页]

作者: not4weak    时间: 2019-3-22 23:03     标题: 面试后需要等吗?

No matter how well you feel the interview went, you never know all of the factors in the decision-making process and in the end, you might not be the lucky one to be offered the job this time. Don’t waste valuable weeks that could be dedicated to pushing forward in your search because you are counting on getting this job. Your biggest mistake could be in missing out on a better opportunity because you’re waiting on an offer you’re hoping will come.
作者: 斩魂    时间: 2019-3-23 01:50

作者: windflower1121    时间: 2019-3-27 23:02

作者: imm    时间: 2019-10-8 23:37

if you dont receive notice within a week, move on.

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